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Waste Minimisation, Windows Development and eXtreme Programming.

Waste Minimisation

You may think of waste only in terms of what you dispose of to landfill, and what you discharge to effluent. But this is only the visible and obvious result of wasteful practices. The true cost of waste is much greater than the disposal and effluent treatment charges. It includes raw material bought and not incorporated into product, water bought and then discharged, inefficient use of energy, and the cost of reworking out of spec product or recycling material back into the process. All these add to the cost basis of your business, create unnecessary environmental impact and limit your profit margins. Some companies are spending up to 10% of turnover on these aggregated waste costs.

Minimising waste in a systematic manner will deliver cost savings for your business, make compliance with environmental legislation easier, and give other (less tangible) benefits in terms of improved company image and even workforce motivation - most people are interested in doing something positive for the environment, particularly if it helps to safeguard their jobs

Waste Min Services

  • Audits
    We can take a snapshot of where you are now. Identify where your waste is coming from and in what quantity. This analysis is crucial if you want to reduce you waste.
  • Waste Monitoring
    With our help you can set up specific waste monitoring schemes so that you can keep a check on your waste production and the impact of any improvements.
  • Tools & Techniques
    Lack of knowledge in the tools and techniques of waste minimisation make the task harder.  We can train you and help you implement them.


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