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Waste Minimisation, Windows Development and eXtreme Programming.

eXtreme Programming (XP)

XP is made up of a collection of relatively simple ideas which, when used together, can achieve significant results. Unfortunately the very simplicity of these ideas can lead to them being forgotten, neglected, or trivialised. Learning them is not difficult, living with them can be.

If you are not careful you will start letting them slip, especially in situations where you have to keep justifying your actions. 

"Staying honest" is a constant process of re-evaluating how you apply XP.  Are you still doing the parts you want to do? Have you neglected any areas? Should you be incorporating any new parts? This takes discipline. Not just to keep on track but also making sure you don't start trying to oversell XP and raise false expectations for yourself or others.

Accepting XP's "failings" is an important part of adapting it to your project whilst maintaining its credibility.  Remember that it is a collection of tools.  Tools which individually are very useful and together can produce remarkable results. There will be times when some of these tools are not appropriate.  Use the right tools for your job.

XP Services:

  • Mentoring
    Squid can assist you by providing extra knowledge and experience to help keep you project on track. An external perspective can be very useful in ensuring that the project delivers.
  • Workshop
    The one day XP Workshop is an excellent way of introducing you development team to eXtreme Programming.
  • Tools & Techniques
    Get focussed help on applying specific XP tools within you organisation.


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